Been gone a long time...

I've been out of the music scene for years. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which now has me wheelchair bound. I used to be a musician myself playing coronet (trumpet)and drums (both marching and set) but with my condition, got so depressed with everything, I gave up music, even listening in my competition SQ built vehicles... Only listened to talk radio...

Well, 'nuff of that. I was a Van Halen fan since the beginning. Getting my music out and ready for my phone to carry around with me, I wanted to see what Michael was doing. To blow my mind when I found out he was back with Sammy and one of my all-time favorite guitarists, Mr. Joe Satriani! It's like a dream band come true... I was unfamiliar with Chad (surprising since I was a drummer myself, those tend to be whom I know best) but I was never really a Pepper's fan. Sorry Chad.

So when I found this site, I about wet myself... Extremely late to the party obviously, I ran out and grabbed the CD.

I hope you guys keep going and make more music. As for me, I played everything from classical to metal. I listen to the classics (Always have Every VH album with me at all times) and some odd modern stuff such as the Tech/Prog Metal band Opeth. I like it all accept for 'Gangsta stuff. Can't stand that particular flavor.

Anyhow, I very much enjoyed your album. I hope you make more. If I had to say something about it; I'd say it sounded like you all found a home so to speak, just haven't settled into it yet. But the thoughts of what you guys might come up with in the future makes me crazy with anticipation. I don't think I've ever seen Joe so happy on stage either. I love his instrumental works (Summer Song makes me cry every single time...) but he really seems to be truly enjoying this band from what I see. And that's just from seeing a few videos and the DVD in the album. It's almost like a different Joe!

I hope one of these days I can wheel my chair to see you guys live. I haven't been to a concert in probably twenty years... Even for the many bands I do enjoy right now, I'm not aching to see them. But if I saw you guys coming anywhere close to Central Texas, I'd be all over that (assuming my health let me at the time. Up and down as it is...).

Best of luck and best wishes and best of health to everyone! Sammy, Mike, Joe, Chad; you guys KICK the proverbial tail! Keep kicking! And sorry it took me so long to wake up and smell the music... Life's a bitch all to often.

A.K.A. SirGCal