Best Buy isn't doing you guys justice!

So I stopped by my local Best Buy on the way in to work today, to buy my blu-ray (thanks for that version by the way!) copy of 'Get Your Buzz On Live'. Not only do they not have any copies in stock, they don't have a clue who Chickenfoot is, and verified in the computer that not a single store in the Baltimore/Washington DC area is stocking it! Guess I will get my copy from Amazon =(. Best Buy used to be great, but once they lost their competition from Circuit City, they have gone downhill so bad, its really sad! Hope Amazon ships my copy soon!

I do have one good thing to say. The live feed they did of the Cabo Concert was awesome! Wish I could have been there, but I guess I will have to settle for seeing Sammy in St. Louis, and going to the bash in October! Keep the rock coming guys! HH Gregg is buying up all of the old Circuit City stores out here on the East Coast, so hopefully they will put some pressure back on Best Buy to get it together again!