Best damn show I've ever seen!

I've been fortunate to see some great shows but Wednesday nights show(9/16/9) in Houston will top them all. Sammy was the master showman he always is, but this band clicked. I knew it from the cd, their music flows. They played the cd as is, they must think that it is dead on. Got some great pictures on a new, untested camera. I think I will keep it. After Future In The Past Sammy sat down in front of me and my new friends and did Bad Motor Scooter. I had to back my camera all the way down to get the shot. Michael finished up the vocals and was great. They went straight into Highway Star, and the house was rockin'. I thought this was the end of the show because Houston's curfew law on loud music is into the major fine category. Not so! Sammy did a great rendition of My Generation. Chad really did do a "Keith Moon", even falling over the pieces of his drum kit.