Bring Chickenfoot Downunder Petition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok calling all Australians and the rest of the world please leave a comment to say you want Chickenfoot to bring the Biggest rock act of 2009 to Australia's shores and take another step in conquering this earth of ours send a big YES for a Chickenstomp Downunder.

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Come on guys you know you want to!! And we can organise TV and radio interviews no problem. If you need somewhere to stay you can stay at my house :).

How about a Chickenfoot guitar for we Aussie fans????

"for Chickenfoot in Australia say AYE!" Come on, you know you want to...

I am with you...i'll sign that petition...

bring the Foot Down - Down Under.

Great topic guys, the guys would kill it, 2 nights at the enmore, Sydney thankyou!
Cmon Sam pull the strings and make it happen, we foot fans are dying for the band to hit it here live.

Come on people pretty slack bet if this was for a free meet and greet u would all sign up and say get your butts downunder.


roo - is that an "AYE!"?

OH YEAH Jamie!!!! I've been campaigning on with a "for Chickenfoot in Australia say AYE!" chant so thanks for this post - it's our turn downunder for the Foot, they KNOW they will sell out every capital city (I personally will be bringing 3000 of my closest friends) and they'll have a great time so YES PLEASE CHICKENFOOT IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!

Come on Joe you know you want to!!

Skippygirl says AYE!