Last nights show was Awesome!As a Sammy fan it is always interesting meeting fans from all places.Im from
the burbs of Chicago met fans from Boston,Detroit, Indy,Milwaukee,Rockford thats cool.Always wish the can play longer
because they never let us down.Old Style?? I was waiting to hear take me out to the ballgame with being in the shadow of Wrigley.Cant wait till ya come back I also hope its solider field Kenny. Peace Out!!

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After listening to the new Cd--I knew I had to see it performed LIVE! This would be my 4th experience seeing Sammy this year,and he never fails to deliver. These guys "Slayed "it at The Warfield on Tues. While the majority of the fans are REDHEADS,we have enthuastically embraced the role of being FOOT-SOLDIERS.The harmony on "Somethings going wrong",was off the charts smooth.and how can it be any harder hitting than "Lighten Up"? Hands down- Best Concert EVER---Just hope there will be many more to come!!Sammy IS A LEGEND in his own time,and rock music has made him "Eternally Young".Please keep on rocking Sammy--your music touches our souls!