Chicken Fried man!!!

This Band smokes, Iv'e been a fan of Sammy's since the first Montrose album ( I guess you know how old I am ) but that doesn't matter, the point is that all of you have what only some of us can keep hoping for and thats a chemistry like you have to create a great sound! My hat goes off to you, I love the deluxe disc I recieved at Christmas, If I can I have to apologize because I unpurposely was telling my band freinds that Chads name was Dan ( boy do I feel stupid ) but for the sake of commitment you are very exciting to listen to Chad, John Bonham is also one of my favorite drummers too but your take on the kit is great fun to be part of.
I originally started my music venture on the Electric Bass and everyone from John Entwistle and Paul McCartney to Jack Bruce and Tim Borgert have influenced me and as well Michael Anthony has driven the wheel. Michael, the way that you and Chad link up the train gets to
And last but not least Mr Satriani...I don't have much history knowing of you talient but I don't think there is anything I can say that has not already been said except you have a very inspiring drive and the texture and layers you produce on this record take it home.
Thank you all for starting out my new year with such enjoyment and energy... Peace