chickenfoot fan for life !!

just turned 53 and still rocking out...have a studio that occupies most of my hacienda and grew up listening to sammy sing with montrose, solo, van halen and now chickenfoot...what a group of guys !! i am not up to joe satriani's level of playing guitar but i'm still working on it...surfing to prof satchafunkilus all coupled with the driving bottom end of michael anthony and the pounding of the skins by chad smith...the cd blew me away... they got there own unique sound from the bottom up....yeah, a few friends said oh that's just van halen, to which i told them to give the cd another listen and then come back and discuss it with me... joe's playing fits the band perfectly and sammy and michael harmonize together almost effortless...sure they played and sang together before during the van halen days, but it sounds pretty great and natural to me...the rhythm section with chad smith driving the group is incredible to watch as mr smith never misses a lick...michael is locked in on the bass and i can't wait to hear the next set of songs coming out of this only complaint is i haven't heard any chickenfoot on my sirius/xm satellite might be there and i haven't heard it yet, but as of yet, i haven't heard it to lock it in to favorites so it will tell me when one of the songs come up...i would've thought i'd have heard it on the boneyard or octane at any rate, i'm glad the guys are doing well in the "record industry" and can't wait for the next cd to come out...!! i'll be ordering the dvd version as soon as possible..!!

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Awesome write up man! They definitely have their own sound, and it is so harmonic. They just mesh so well, and can play so many different styles. I heard "Oh Yeah" on Boneyard the first day that the boys released it on their website. I tried to memo it, but nothing happened. I have heard that one and only song on Boneyard 4-5 more times since the album release, but again, I can never memo it. I push the button, and nothing happens. I have seen this from time to time with various songs/artists on Sirius. I don't quite get it, but yeah you would think Octane or some of the other stations would give the Foot some love. Here's too the hopes of much more Chickenfoot music!