Chickenfoot the greatest rock band of the century

This is as good as life can get. What a great team. Just the ultimate cream of the crop in these days, in this civilization.

At a time when Light is the primary source of life and creation, you guys are making it right. For a 56 years old guitar fart like me, you are a dream come true. Every inch of your creations are impeccable, wether it's music, footage, graphics, sound design the whole shebang. Keep on the great work. Your love of life is contagious and you all look closer to young infants than any of these new kids forming musical groups trying to prove their maturity on a human level. The kids on the market are alright and I dont want to take anything off their musical skill or anything, but you have to live to come up with something like Chickenfoot and the only way to get there is time which you cant compress in this earth plan. You guys have lived and it shows. I love you all. May Light, Peace, Joy and Love be with you for eternity. DD.