Chickenfoot Live! Movie Review

Truly captured the live concert feel by keeping improvised music, words and actions in the forefront. The band must have warmed up extra for this because Joe was so on his game right from Avenida..the camera couldnt keep up with his hands..but came really close.....and quite a few noticeable differences and smoother changes from early live Chickenfoot's Ideas. Sammy and Mike's vocals were less pitchy and very harmonic at times. Joe Guitar really recorded well and pierced my ear similar to the tour......the sound quality was awesomely similar to live. Chad did turnover his set but it just didn't seem as natural and the first time or the one i witnessed in Atlantic city. I will buy this DVD on it being a perfect memoir of the 3 shows I witnessed, but also it captures more than any seat's perspective as far as seeing the passion and fun in these guys eyes. One issue i had was he camera changes too much and thats what you dont see is more than 3 sec of one shot at a time....or that how it couldnt really study 1 individual like in a live show.