Chickenfoot Movie

Did anyone have a tailgate party before the movie last night? If not we are the only idiots who did and we had a blast. We found a nice quiet spot behind the theatre and drank some beer and ate some food.

Got a good buzz on and went to our own private screening. Yes, that's right our own private screening because we were the only four people to see this movie/concert film in Greensboro, NC. No one else showed up and we were thrilled actually. We had the whole theatre to ourselves. We got the manager of the place to crank the volume up to 11 and wound up blowing the speakers a few times! You could hear Chickenfoot three theatres down the hall from ours it was so loud!

The film was great. Seeing a concert film like that on the big screen was pretty cool. I hope you all got to see this because it was a totally different type of experience.