Chickenfoot is Solid!

Sammy, thank you for bringing the Foot to STL! Loved the mix of songs from both CD's. Your engery is contagious and you keep the crowd alive and on the edge of their seats....personally, I stand and dance as I cannot sit at any of your concerts. My husband says I go into a trace when you are on stage and totally zone everything and everyone out. Your songs reach my core and give me chills - plus you are so darn cute! Joe is totally amazing and ripped on "Future in the Past" and "Down the Drain". Mikey rockin' as usual and providing the best background vocals of any duo and Kenny pounded the drums. Look forward to Chickenfoot's return to STL - you've got to make it a larger venue (if you can). You have many, many Foot Soliders in STL!! Kristy