Have you ever driven a very powerfull car? That is the sensation I get from this band. Your tooling casually along, and punch it just a little, or your sitting at the light, and you rev your engine a couple of times..
There is that roar-that power. Even when they aren't kicking ass, The talent, creativity, the incredible capability of this band is there. The last band I got this excited about was BECK BOGERT & APPICE!
Occasionally the musical stars will align, and produce a band of this level of talant, but rarely is the pure fun of the playing together so apparent. So abundant. It's clear to see these guys are just delighted to be in this musical moment. They genuinely like each other. This is not just a great band, this is a happy band, and it shows..where it makes the music.

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I haven`t obsessed over a band in years. I AM obsessed with CHICKENFOOT! You guys ROCK!! I want to be Sammy`s HOOCHY-COOCHY girl! LOVE YA! More music PLEASE!!

Red Randi

is anybody reading this??