Don't think this is what the band had in mind!

OK, so i've been noticing on a couple of other Chickenfoot members websites that people are putting up posts saying "Vote for me" regarding the new CF contest for the guitar and swag package. Promoting your videos isn't really a problem but this is starting to remind me of a political race. Hey vote for me and I'll do this or that for you and it starts to get ridiculus. I'm pretty sure when the band put this contest together they didn't want people to just vote for their "friends" or because they used bribery or coersion to get the votes, it's not a popularity contest. Now I'm sure the band will pick the vids they like the best based on whatever criteria they want so I'm not complaining about self promotion, just get enough of the "help me because" stuff in daily life as it is and don't need it creeping in to the one or two decent websites left out there. Everyone can come up with a "reason" why they think they should win but come on, do we really need to ask others to "vote for me". Lets leave the political schemes to the politicians and just enjoy the vids and the fact that the band is offering this contest for it's fans. I wish everyone who submitted vids or pics the best of luck and may the best or what the band feels is the best one win! There are a lot of great ones and I don't think its going to be easy to pick a winner.