Just watched Get Your Buzz On and it was a blast! Good flick to drink Waboritos to, but my damn shaker jammed so I couldn't get it open, and I had to use the budget mixing method per Mr. Hagar's instruction. Thank goodness it was part of the vid. or my Friday night would have been wretched...
It's weird you guys played The National Anthem in Vegas and Pheonix before the Giants' game last week.
Wonder what the connection is there...does it have something to do with one of the camera opperators?
Well, good job. Thanks. And the little booklet of pictures inside is a nice touch.
Oh and I thought Satriani looked like a character from a Ralph Bakshi (?) animation from the early 80s. with his black bathrobe on for your encore.
Smith is a maniac, and Anthony is finally showing his personality, which is a good thing...
OK. Good Night
Oh, and I need some of those special coffeee beans Hagar gave Weir and drank too much of before the show, or something....crazy eyes, man!
OK Bye!