Emotional Ronnie Montrose Tribute

Last Friday, the musical family and friends of the trailblazing guitarist, RONNIE MONTROSE, was celebrated a San Francisco area tribute concert for the late Ronnie Montrose. The Montrose surviving original members Sammy Hagar, Denny Carmassi and Joe Satriani have delivered powerfully the Montrose staples like Space Station No. 5, Rock Candy and many other. The memories of the band was remembered during the concert. The band members embraced each other after the performances. The veteran guitarist of the group also performed Prayer for Peace song and happily announced as he was part of the event. The group have properly ended the night with sharing their love to the late Ronnie Montrose. The whole evening concert was recorded, both audio and video, and there might be a potential release to be waited by their fans. Another news that is already confirmed is about the forthcoming release of a live DVD of Ronnie Montros. This DVD concert believed to be his first ever concert DVD release that was recorded only a few weeks before his death.

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