On The Foot...

What can you say?

Chickenfoot really are that good... Trust me...

This is not just blowing smoke in some rude direction, this is a statement born of deep research into the music industry, by equally deep experts in the music industry...

The components of the "Chickenfoot" (the knuckles, skin, bones, wrinkly bits and all - if you will) are all accomplished musicians, people who have put in the hard yards, drunk a little, spent endless hours selling LPs out of car boots, taught others, been fired from bands, trashed endless equipment and drunk some more.. But when you mix them together you get.....

A mess of bones and stuff...

But more than that.. You also get.. CHICKENFOOT!

AND, as if that isn't enough already.. as well as having a self-explanatory name, gosh darn it - they can play!

I know, I know, this is proof enough. But where's the deep research I promised?

Well, I googled "Chickenfoot" and I discovered some of these facts may actually be true:

  • Chickenfoot debut album goes gold!
  • Maggi noodles releases new "Chickenfoot" flavor!
  • Chickenfoot music playing on Radio stations all over the globe!
  • Many countries take to eating Chickenfeet in celebration of their success (mostly observed in a ceremony called a "Yum-Cha" - sort of like the Grammy Awards, but with less talking)
  • Chickenfoot website goes ballistic!
  • "Roo" adds chickenfoot to his exclusive website! (You know you've made it then!)
  • People who've been to their concerts reportedly have said things like "They are really good", "That was fun!", and "What was the question?"

So there you have it. Absolutely indicative and irrefutably inconclusive proof that Chickenfoot is the best thing since sliced bread!