Foot at FifthThird

Went and saw Foot at Fifth Third ballpark in Grand Rapids on August 13. My wife and I were in the VIP section.
Chad was throwing sticks into the crowd. He hit some one in the front row by accident. He seemed really concerned about his fan! Sammy and the band were spot on. They rocked out all night, but my favorite was when they performed Future in the Past. That song started out so soft and mellow. That was soon to end! The cresendo on that song was incredible. It just kept getting stronger and stronger. By the end of the song I think every fan in the place was not only on their feet, but floating off the ground! I think I may have some hearing loss after that song! Thank you Joe, Chad, Michael, and Sammy for a unforgettable night. My wife just fell in love with the Foot and especially Chad! Rock On Chickenfoot!