I have been attending Rock Shows for 39 years. My life altering show was the Grategul Dead and the Who Day on the Green. My second best show was Bruce at Winterland. I have to tell you all that this show, of the hundreds that I have been to is easily in the top 5 and maybe the top 3. It was nothing that I expected. I have slowed way down on my concert going. I have seen each of these guys with other bands, side bands, small clubs and the like. I did not purchase the CD before the concert.
The energy between Sammy and Joe was undeniable, but it really was Joe's show. He proved to be one of the best Guitar players ever, at least at the Greek. Each song rocketed with his power play. The rest of the band had enough horse power to keep up and that is why this unexpected treat was soooooo awesome. Thanks to the band and everyone involved in bringing this to the public, it was truly epic.