Gross Disappointment for Satriani Fans

I saw these guys last night in Palm Springs. After seeing Joe Satriani in LA last year with Mountain as the opening act I was ready for more. I didn't get it. Satriani is one of the greatest guitatists of our time and it was awful to watch him get bumped out for this top 40 act. At one point the singer put the mic in the stand and left the stage for what I hoped would be the remainder of at least that one tune. Unfortunately it was not to be. Satriani performed NO solo tunes. The vocalist got in the way on every number. Yeah, there were some good riffs of course but only enough to make wish I had gone to a Joe Satriani concert as I thought had.

Hopefully, Joe will make some money from this dog and pony show and perhaps get some much-deserved acclaim, I begrudge him neither. But next time I will make certain that he is appearing as a solo act before I plunk down $80 per ticket. I'll let the boppers fund this excursion away from his vituosity and hope he remains true to his genuine musical art for those of us who appreciate it.