How many copies of the album did people buy?

I am obsessed. First day of release I bough a download from Amazon so I could listen on the way to work. I bought 2 LP's 1 to save and 1 to listen to, which also required a purchase of a turntable. 1 regular cd, to listen to most of the time when I am home. Then 1 copy of the deluxe cd/dvd version so I could watch the dvd. It is a good thing prices are reasonable. What can I say? I am a Chickenhead

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Two blacks , one white and the lp!

The "Black" cd, LP & the "White" cd.

I bought one copy of each, the LP and regular CD on the day of release, then one copy of the deluxe edition!

I am glad I am not the only one that buys that many. The other night my 23 year old and 16 year old were worried about the police coming because we were rocking out to The Foot... It is sad when the kids are yelling at the parents about loud music. It wasn't even that loud. I just told them to go stand outside by the street and see how loud it was out there, I have tested the music loudness, I know how loud it is outside. I wish I could have seen the movie in the theater, none close enough though. I will wait until it comes out on Blu-ray (hopefully) and then I can watch in the comfort of my own living room, with a better sound system than most theaters have.

I pre-ordered the Vinyl Album from Best Buy and then bought the MP3 Download from Amazon the night it came out. I could not wait on the mail carrier to get my Chickenfoot to me. I most recently purchased the deluxe CD/DVD for the collection. Total count would be 3, all different.

So Far, I bought 3, one CD, and one new CD/DVD... one of those went to my sister.
I lovvve all the guys...always have... but my sister is "in love" with "that guy" -- Satch...
Mines in my CD player 24/7.... and I love the DVD...

I bought 1 hard copy and 1 itunes download for the bonus track of course.
I also own the limited edition cd/dvd. Love this band.

1 standard edition cd on the day of release, one of the double LPs off ebay (signed by the whole band) and a deluxe cd/dvd edition as well...yep, I'm also a Chickenhead!

We bought 3 copies so far. One for the car, one for the house and the cd/dvd combo.

2 CD's. 1 LP, 1 Deluxe 4