What a GREAT Video, guys. I really needed some extra smiles to help my Christmas this year and that helped. Thanks for continuing to keep us entertained and intrigued, as always!! Can't wait to hear some new tunes from the one and only CHICKENFOOT! We were there in Vegas on Superbowl Sunday when this all got started and haven't missed a show within 300 miles of us since.

Chad, no doubt it won't take long to get a count on how many times you broke your set down. I have a few pictures from both So Cal shows.

I want to say to Sammy, I've loved every band you've ever been in, but Chickenfoot is the absolute BEST! You never fail to amaze me. Just when I think it can't get any better, it gets BETTER!! Keep on rockin!! Can't wait for the next album!!

Merry Christmas to all!

Tina Young

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The video was cool, but Santa Sammy said if we were good we would get a guitar. I have been a very very good girl this year. LOL

Yeah, we've all been real good around here too, but unfortunately one of those beautiful guitars didn't show up in our stocking either :( Sammy, quit teasing us!

Thanks for the awesome video....just another great surprise for Christmas....Merry Christmas Sammy, Mikey, Chad and Joe...and to all your well..hope to see you ALL really soon!!!