My first - Kenny Aronoff

The title is a bit deceiving. But this is my first blog post here and it is about yesterdays announcement of Kenny Aronoff. I have been in radio a few years and always noticed the talents of Kenny. He had me at the first beat. My brother worked for ShowCo and I worked in radio so any shows within driving distance.....I was there. Most of the time when I wasn't in the crowd? I was onstage. Yes that was me standing in the shadows. One particular show in New Orleans John Mellencamp and I exchanged t-shirts on the spot before the show. Afterwards at the meet and greet I saw Kenny Aronoff and had to shake his hand because although I had seen many concerts? To me? This drummer was different. His talent is amazing and it shows on every beat. I followed his career and talked about him on the radio all the time. If you didn't know who he was? You did when I finished. Kenny is a friend and now that I recall that show at U.N.O? I don't think I washed my hand for quiet some time. I am thrilled that he will be kicking ass with the kick ass band Chickenfoot while Chad is temporarily away doing his day job ;-) I am a big fan of Joe, Sammy and Michael. Adding my friend Kenny? Is icing on the chicken coop!