One for Sammy

Here is a unique story that will make you shake your head...

After working at a major dealership where I got RIF'd (Reduction In Force), I spent the last couple of years contracting with the exception of working as the Group Quarters Supervisor for the Downtown office of the recent Decennial Census where I was in charge of ensuring proper census taking at all 6 of the Downtown detention centers and prisons (local, county, and federal).

After the Census, I found my way back to contracting at Paramount. I have worked around the lot for various executives until my most recent assisgnment where I knew I would eventually be offered a full time position as an employee. That day came after I was out for a week with Strep and multiple reactions to medications I was given by my doctor and the ER as a result of said reactions and the escalation of the Strep (and the fact I hadn't eaten in almost 2 weeks). During this onboarding process my boss told me to speak to the Finance Manager about what compensation I should put on my application and once HR got a look at the number, they closed the open position for reevaluation and sent me home, paid through the week. So I went to being approved for hire to basically fired over a weekend and now I have to jump through hoops applying for Unemployment as a former Federal Employee just hoping my final paychecks cover my upcoming bills before I get thrown out of my apartment and they repo my car (that is almost paid for)!

While I have been a fan of you all individually and collectively, I don't see this tour season resulting in my getting to see either live. I haven't missed Joe or Aerosmith (unrelated) in LA-local in more than 10 years...I'll be lucky to be able to pick up CDs this time around, provided I have a place and electricity to play them on.