Sam's advice

So I obsess, sometimes, so what? I also have a serious Cabo Reposado obsession going on, developed over Spring Break this year. It beats the rot-gut I was getting used to but won't bother describing here. I was saying: I finished watching all of the Hagar interviews on YouTube; been at it since March, (didn't do it all at once) so that's not too weird. There's nothing worth watching on "regular" TV, and I refuse to pay for Cable. One of the things I picked up from the interviews was Sam's (hope he doesn't think I'm too forward, but not really) respect for Satriani's talent.
I just watched "Always With You, Always With Me"; "I Believe"; and "Crying." They are truly beautiful, great art. So now I'm hooked on his music, too. I love instrumentals like that, when each note is clear and crisp and the music runs like a story, building up to a climax and then a denouement. Very nice; very clean. (He sings sweetly, too.)
I said Satriani looked like a Ralph Bakshi character, in my last blog, and he did in Get Your Buzz On, but he looks different/better in his music vid.s, and not just because he has hair (he's one of the few people who actually look good bald), although he wears a drover's coat like a character from Stephen King's The Gun Slinger series. No, I dig it, really. I'll bet he doesn't have a violent bone in his body, so to speak.
I was wondering if Cari (Hope I'm spelling Mrs. Hagar's name correctly) is in the video "I Believe." It seems to mirror some of Sam's biography, as I remember. It looks like her, but I'm not sure. I'm writing this right after watching the vid and after having four (so far) shots of CWR. I went from mixing the Waboritas exactly last March, even counting the times I shook it, to drinking nearly frozen shots out of a little glass medicine measuring cup I bought from an Army Surplus Warehouse a fews years ago. So, if she's in it, and the action mirrors Sam's bio., did she direct it? Was it a nice surprise for Sam? I'll bet he's not an easy person to love up close for long. Aaaanyway... I'm sorry to get too personal. Please don't be upset; I hope you found my blog entertaining. You may upgrade my fan status, if you like; I won't mind. :)