Tahoe Rocked

I really love the Tahoe Venue at Harrah's . I got the meet and greet Friday night and VIP backstage Sat. night. I got to tour backstage and watch the sound checks! I was one happy Chickenfoot and Sammy fan! I got the pleasure of meeting and being next to Pat Walker, the author of the book" Dance of the Electric Hummingbird" After reading most of her book, I too had an amazing experience due to Sammy Hagar and his Magic JUJU! I call it the Sammy buzz! It just hits you and knocks you into a blissed out state. All the REDHEAD ladies get it. Nothing you can describe. Sammy just takes you there!
When he got to the end of Down the drain, It happened to me too. Come Closer! happened again. Just plain energy that is Raw and electric. Keep it coming Boys!