Thanks for a wonderful year!

Wow, what a year 2009 was. I will always remember this year as the year the Foot came down! That new '09 video is awesome guys! Thanks to Chad, Joe, Sammy, and Mike for giving us crazy fans a hell of a year. Thanks to Andy for completing this, and thanks to all of the awesome fans who made each of my 7 shows better than the previous. And thanks to the website administrators for keeping us anxious fans in the loop!

I remember when the Chickenfoot rumors first began (wish I was there when it all started). The anticipation for months and months just waiting to hear the next rumor, the next interview, the next sound clip, or a song from the band, a concert announcement, something, anything, give me something Chickenfoot!. Getting so excited with each email I received from the website. From the first little 13 second or so clip of Down the Drain, to Oh Yeah on Conan. From The Chicago Road Test Park West show in May (I might remember more of the 2nd half had I not drank so much Cabo Wabo=), to my 4 shows in 9 days experience along the Northeast Coast in August. From Cabo to the Grand Finale in Vegas, the music and performances never got old, and the memories will last forever. Each show topped the previous, and no two shows were the same!

Thanks guys for an awesome year. I look forward to the endeavors that each of you throws out with your respective bands in the short term, but nothing will top my memories of 2009, except for a 2nd Foot album and tour down the road!?!?! Whenever that happens guys, we will be anxiously awaiting. Until then, Peace, Love, and Chickenfoot!

Thanks for a great year, and here's to 2010 and beyond!