Here are what I consider the Top 5 Hard Rock albums released in 2009. Some great albums on this list.

1. Baroness - Blue Record

Baroness' Blue Record is just off the charts, one of the great albums of 2009 in any genre!

The Red Album was a revelation for many who discovered Baroness for the first time. If someone told me then, that the same band would release an album even better than "Red Album" in 2009, it would have been hard to believe. Well, they did it. I beg you, if you have not discovered this band yet, please put it on your 2010 dues list.

From the first notes on "Bullhead's Psalm", to the high octane energy of "A Horse Called Golgotha" & "O'er Hell and Hide", Blue Record is filled with all the elements of a Classic Album.

If they keep releasing albums as high quality as the last 2, Baroness will be one of the great Rock bands of the next decade.

Favorite Track: I can't pick just 1, they all kick major ass!

2. Priestess - Prior to The Fire

Priestess' sophmore album is as in your face, hard - heavy rockin' album as you can get! Songs like "Ladykiller", "It Baffles The Mind", & "We Ride" are meant to crank loud! This is raw, pure good Heavy Rock! Plain and simple.

We look forward to hearing what future releases hold for the Montreal rockers!

Favorite Song: Trapped In Space and Time

3. Chickenfoot

As the name suggests, this album is COOL. Let's face it, we knew it would be something memorable when you saw the line up - Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith!

Aside from the great musicianship, the album consists of well written, well produced and guitar heavy driven Rock! Michael Anthony shows why he was the special ingredient in Van Halen and the Satch man just lets it rip on these songs. A must.

Favorite song: Learning to Fall

4. Them Crooked Vultures

Supergroup consisting of Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones and Joshua Hommes. After first reviewing it a few months ago, this album has really grown on me and even songs I found average are becoming favorites. This is an album for music fans. One can really appreciate the collective energy and experience from the different generations of Rock stars. A collective born from one of the greatest bands in the world, to the groundbreaking Nirvana, to Queens of the Stone Age who have made their way as respected force in Rock.

There are inspiring jam sessions, ultra cool organ parts, but overall, the songs here just groove as you would expect from John Paul Jones.

Favorite song is still: Scumbag Blues

5. Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue

Alice In Chains' 2009 release got some critics complaining that the band got a Layne Staley soundalike. Who cares!? William DuVall is good, and the songs are good. If anything, it gives fans a welcoming familiar sound. DuVall gives a new life to Alice in Chains and leads them forward without compromising the signature Alice In Chains sound.

The guitars riffs are addictive with subtle nuances. Overall great album, with key trax including "Check My Brain", "Acid Bubble", "Private Hell".

Favorite Song: "All Secrets Known"