What's up Chickenheads!!

Hey everyone!! Well after months of trying, I finally got my account here fixed so I can post!! I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since I saw the boys play their next to last concert of 2010 out in Indio, CA. And now they're already back in the studio working on album #2!! Have we been itching for this forever or what people? So I JUST got some pics and vids posted from the Indio show, again, sorry it took so long but my account here was messed up and they just fixed it for me. Oh boy I am SO looking forward to what Chickenfoot has to offer in 2011, I really hope I can get to at least one show this year. Gonna be a bummer if they go out on the road without Chad, but these guys will rock with ANYONE!! I hope 2011 is treating you all well and can't wait to rock the rest of it Chickenfoot style!