WOW what a show in Vegas !!

Sammy, Michael, Satch and Chad tore the house down...literally! The show was musically stellar front to back. I have to give it to Chad. Being a drummer myself who likes to hook in with the crowd, Chad was giving lessons. He must have thrown out 40 sticks throughout the show (in the middle of songs I might add) and never missed a beat. Satch was spot on. Michael was outstanding and great fun as always and Sammy was as he always will be, the ulimate front man and sang his butt off. This band was hooked into the crowd and the party all night long. The finale when Jason Bonham got behind the drums and Chad slung an axe to play Led Zeplin's Rock n Roll "FOR DAD" brought the house down! The party concluded with Jason and Chad with some help from the rest of the boys, "dismanteling" the drum kit in true rockstar fashion. Chickenfoot makes YOU feel like YOU are part of the band! WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!