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Good, good, show June 3rd in Portland. I hadn't seen anything like that since the 80's.
I had a little too much rot-gut whisky, maybe, behaved a bit depraved. Smuggled a flask in and tied it up in the sleeve of my sweater, so when I drank from it, I probably looked like I was snorting my sweater sleeve. Great.
Friends asked why I was rubbing my side the next day. I told them it was muscle weakness from my kidney donation a few years ago. Then I realized I'd actually pulled muscles in my side dancing like a deranged troglodite the night before, but I wouldn't admit it.


I remember Hagar saying in response to an interview question about the least wisest investment he'd made that it was the Chickenfoot DC10. Don't know why, though. I sat in a Fairchild F27 today, which is similar but probably smaller, and I felt a little claustrophobic. I don't usually have that feeling on small planes; that's what we have here, primarily. Too stuffy? Or is it because small planes sometimes feel like they're going to rattle apart at any moment? They tend to feel like they're going in at least two directions at once, huh? But that's part of the fun!

Sam's advice

So I obsess, sometimes, so what? I also have a serious Cabo Reposado obsession going on, developed over Spring Break this year. It beats the rot-gut I was getting used to but won't bother describing here. I was saying: I finished watching all of the Hagar interviews on YouTube; been at it since March, (didn't do it all at once) so that's not too weird. There's nothing worth watching on "regular" TV, and I refuse to pay for Cable. One of the things I picked up from the interviews was Sam's (hope he doesn't think I'm too forward, but not really) respect for Satriani's talent.


Just watched Get Your Buzz On and it was a blast! Good flick to drink Waboritos to, but my damn shaker jammed so I couldn't get it open, and I had to use the budget mixing method per Mr. Hagar's instruction. Thank goodness it was part of the vid. or my Friday night would have been wretched...
It's weird you guys played The National Anthem in Vegas and Pheonix before the Giants' game last week.
Wonder what the connection is there...does it have something to do with one of the camera opperators?
Well, good job. Thanks. And the little booklet of pictures inside is a nice touch.


You guys take me back to a time I love.
Friends I had then have passed over, but it's easy to imagine them rocking out like we used to, when I watch your video from the deluxe edition of your first CD.
What fun!

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