Chickenfoot Music Radar Interview

Apr 2 2009

Joe Bosso from Music Radar (who also did the interview for Guitar World-- available Apr 7) has put up some great interview footage with the guys. Check it out! LISTEN

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love this, it's awesome. Chickenfoot really makes the hours fly by. Lets go there someday.

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First off, You all are going to Rock!! but I wanted to address this post to Chad, MAKE SURE HE READS IT!!!Remember when you used to play in that band in Taylor Michigan on Telegraph Rd. I can not remember the name of the band, but a drummer by the name of Joe used your Drum set becuase it was snowing like a bitch outside? You told him to use yours, remember that? You were just in a band from Riverview. Frick'n crazy that I can remember that. Well He and I are Friends and my son is now taking lessons from him He is a kick ass drummer like you. We both are looking forward to you guys coming to the Home of Rock and Roll..... Detroit!!!! I can not Wait to to see all of you perform. Sammy bring me a case of your Rum. I will pay you for it. Save a seat up close, because since telling that story to my son he is checking you out and your playing. He Hopes to be a rock Drummer when he is older.

I purchased tickets on the weekend but I heard the songs for the first time today. Wow if the rest of the album is anywhere close to what these three tracks are it will be awsome! What a combination, it just powers all the way though. You guys rock!See you in Toronto!!

How you guys doing? You guys gonna be in Chicago anytime soon!

Hit me up!

- Sammy, Acne Dermatologist