Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we get here at CHICKENFOOT.US. If you are having any troubles or questions that aren't addressed below, please email

CHICKENFOOT.US Account Questions

  1. Why can't I log into the account I successfully set up? Try logging in again with either your username or email address. If the problem persists, you may reset your password here:
  2. Why am I not receiving registration emails after registering for a new account? Check your email spam settings and make sure is allowed to your inbox.

Fan Club & Ticketing Questions

The Official Chickenfoot Fan Club and Official Online Store is managed by Live Nation Merchandise. All questions regarding non-Premium Ticket Package Presales (and presale Codes), and Fan Club membership need to be directed to FANCLUBSUPPORT@LIVENATIONMERCHANDISE.COM or 1-800-767-7160 (6am - 9pm Pacific).

For questions regarding premium ticket packages, please contact INFO@VIPNATION.COM or CALL TOLL-FREE:
* +1-888-458-8297 toll-free from the U.S., Canada and Mexico
* 00-800-458-82971 toll-free from UK, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands,Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand
VIP Nation is also on Facebook at & twitter at

  1. What is the Fan Club/Premium account and what is included? The Official Chickenfoot Fan Club is an annual membership that is managed by Live Nation Merchandise and integrated into CHICKENFOOT.US by automatically upgrading your "Basic (Free)" account into one of two Fan Club accounts (Standard and Premium) following your registration on CHICKENFOOT.US. Ticket pre-sales are available to Fan Club members. For a complete list of what is included in the Fan Club, visit
  2. I paid for the Fan Club membership but why does it show a free account when I login? If you have paid but your account is still showing FREE status, please contact FANCLUBSUPPORT@LIVENATIONMERCHANDISE.COM with your order number so they can upgrade your account status after confirming your payment.
  3. When does my Fan Club membership expire? Each membership is good for one year from the date of purchase. All membership benefits (eg. access to presale tickets) will terminate at this time.
  4. How many tickets can we buy if we are a part of the Fan Club? Each membership has a four ticket presale limit for the life of the membership. Purchase limits for each show are case by case and determined at the show/venue/promoter level.
  5. When will the fan club premiums be available? The Fan Club packages will be sent out in mid-November, possibly earlier. Please contact Live Nation Merchandise support with additional questions.
  6. Are there VIP packages available for the show in my town? There are no VIP packages on the Road Test Tour. Check the Fan Club page for updates.
  7. Why do I get an error when trying to buy a shirt/poster/hat/etc from the Official Store? The online store is managed by Live Nation Merchandise and has a separate user database for all purchases. You need to log in (or create) a separate account for your store purchases.
  8. Where do I find my presale code? To view your code, first make sure you are logged into your CHICKENFOOT.US account and then visit the tour page. It will be displayed in big red letters in the top right.
  9. I clicked on the BUY link on the tour page but couldn't buy tickets? (Or, alternately, there is no Buy link and tickets should be on sale!) There is a delay in receiving links for each specific show when it is built by local promoters on Ticketmaster and Live Nation Ticketing. To try to make it as easy as possible, we try to provide a link to the correct ticketing site as early as possible, often before it is actually available. This way when the page does go live you can immediately access it. We try to update the URL to the specific show ticketing link as soon as we receive it. If you ever are unable to find a Buy link, search the ticketing site (usually or for "Chickenfoot" and see if the show has gone on sale yet. For presales, you may use your code as soon as the show goes on sale.
  10. How do I use the 10% off merchandise from the Chickenfoot Store? After you have purchased your membership, simply log into your CHICKENFOOT.US account and then click the "Store" link at the top of the page. When you add items to your cart and proceed to the checkout, your discount will be listed. If you have any questions or problems, contact Live Nation Merchandise at the contact info above.
  11. I was at a Meet & Greet -- where are those photos posted? If you were at a meet & greet for one of the Road Test shows, you may view your photo at

Using Your Chickenfoot.US Account

Chickenfoot.US accounts come in two forms-- FREE and PREMIUM and your current status is displayed on your profile page. Your account is updated to a PREMIUM account when you purchase a fan club membership through LiveNation Merchandise. Premium accounts are also issued a special code that is used for ticket presales and packages, which is also displayed on your profile page. All accounts (both Free and Premium) are able to interact with the site and upload content (fan photos, fan videos, blogs, show reviews) and also comment on content on the site, favorite certain items, participate in contests, and other features such as mark shows as attended.

  1. How do I upload a video or photo from a show I attended? First, make sure you are logged in (you see your account name at the top right of the page instead of "LOG IN"). Then you can click "PROFILE" to visit your profile page where there will be links to add a blog, a fan photo or a fan video. Each tour date also has a page where those videos and photos are displayed which also has an "add" link. Make sure you select the correct tour date in the upload form so it shows up!
  2. How do I mark myself as having attended a show? Visit the tour (or tour archive) section and find the show you attended. Click the "VIEW" link to visit that tour date's page. From there click on the "I Was There" (or "I Am Going") button.

General Questions

  1. When is Chickenfoot coming to my town? All tour dates are posted here as soon as they are confirmed:
  2. Why don't I see a "BUY" link for the show in my town? Buy links appear as they are created by each local promoter on a venue-by-venue basis. If you don't see links yet for the show you are interested in, check back soon.
  3. I didn't get a ticket to see Chickenfoot on this tour. When will they be coming through again? The band is continuing to book dates for the Summer North American tour. Check the tour page frequently and stay subscribed to the newsletter to stay informed!
  4. Are children allowed at Chickenfoot shows? All show age limits are determined per venue. Visit the venue's web site or the ticketing agent, usually Ticketmaster or Live Nation, for venue information.