Joe and Sammy

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Greek Theatre
Joe and Sammy
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bakshi robe

I was hooked on the 'Foot last March when I watched the DVD in their first album.
On it, Satriani plays an encore, wearing the robe you see here. It reminds me of a cartoon character Ralph Bakshi drew in the early 80s (I think) for something he did called Wizards. The pose in this picture reminds me of that cartoon, also. Where else have you seen a lead singer practically climb on the lead guitar player? It's unreal. And, it was at the end of one of the concerts on the DVD when Hagar called Satriani back out onto stage for the encore. In one of the fan videos from the Road Test shows, Mike calls Hagar back out, saying to him, "It's not your bedtime, yet!" (proof I'm still here) :) Allowing fans to post photos and vid.s is a very good idea!! Wish there were tons more to view...
Happy Holidays!