A Music Critic On The Island of Misfit Toys

I'm pushing 50, unemployed 3 years. All the middle management jobs are gone. America now knows how to do more with less and I guess that includes me. I took my college degree and love for music so now I am an unemployed jazz critic. A distinction without a difference. I'm gonna make it or die trying. I dont care about Occupying Wall Street, I care about Occupying My Bank Account and getting my life back!
If I fail let me be glorious in the attempt! God Bless America, Jazz, Rock and Roll and bands like Chickenfoot!
Love ya!

Thanks to arthritis I can only do office work here in Louisville Kentucky which is why I started writing! Have not missed five days of work ( when i had it ) in five years!

digitaljazznews@gmail.com http://digitaljazznews.blogspot.com