Will I Ever Work Full Time Again

I am 58 years old, did 8 years in the Navy (1975-1983). I am renting a room in a house in Duarte, CA. I worked for my father as a bookkeeper straight out of the Navy full time for 19 years (1983-2002). I then worked for other companies as a bookkeeper until May 2008 when I was laid off after my 90 day probation. I have sent out numerous resumes and get no response since I have not had steady employment and I feel my age may be an issue. I am told I am over qualified or not bi-lingual or not knowing specific software.

My daughter had to stop going to college because I cannot afford to pay for her education and she cannot get a job because she is told she has no experience. How is she suppose to get experience when they make that a requirement to get a job. My father passed away in Sep 2007 from a stroke and my mother is in a nursing home due an aneurysm stroke that has left her permanently paralyzed on her left side. All I have is my daughter and my girlfriend in Northern California.

Sep 2001 I had a stroke but recovered fully then Sep 2008 I had open heart surgery (quadruple bypass). April 2010 after separation from second wife, ruining my credit, owing money to creditors or collection agencies, her cheating on me and totaling my car, I tried to take my life. After numerous counseling sessions I am back on the right road but being unemployed for almost three and half years has taken its toll on me. I get the occasional work once in a great awhile but I need a full time job so I can feel that I have some value and worth and to keep me busy.

I bought your first CD when it came out and was amazed at the talent you four have. I was able to get your second CD and your music was better and tighter. Wish I could see you live in Los Angeles, maybe I can save some money to see you. Thank you Chickenfoot for thinking of us when you made Three and Half Letters, God bless you.

One more thing, I NEED A JOB!!!