Need a job in Connecticut

Dear Chickenfoot:

November 11, 2011 I am getting fired from a seasonal position which doesn’t pay much and doesn’t have any benefits, I’ll be rehired in March so I probably shouldn’t complain but I need a full-time job with medical and dental benefits. I haven’t had a full time benefited job for years, I left a job to do contract work, the economy tanked and I’ve spent all my savings. I had to move into my parent’s basement after my mother was diagnosed with Dementia. She is in a nursing home now but that leaves my dad living alone for the first time in his life, he has begged me to stay. I suspect he has early stages of Dementia so I’ll never be able to leave. I want to leave but I won’t, I’d like a full time job. Please give me a chance!

I’ve applied for countless positions but never hear anything back from them. Oh sometimes I get the dreaded form letter saying my resume looks great but I’m over qualified or under qualified.

I’ve been a corporate trainer and am currently working in the HR field as an assistant. I seasonal job I have hires 1000 employees during March, April & May then fires those 1000 employees by October 31st.

Now to add to not having a job, I just went through a week of no electricity due to a freak October snowstorm. I’m guessing the storm will most likely put several companies in the position of eliminating jobs.

I used to be witty but it just isn’t funny anymore.

Jane Gillis
Hartford, CT

Jane Gillis