Computer Programmer Who Needs A JOB!!

Hello Foot Soldiers.

I'm 46 and have a B.S. in computer science. I was the first person in my family to graduate college, I did it working full time and going to school at night. It took almost 7 years but I graduated. My degree is a technical one its how a computer works. I have 22 years in the computer industry in both computer operations (nine and a half years) and software development (tweleve years). I did mainframe COBOL programming for a fortune 100 company for 12 years and in May 2011 my job went to India. I knew the lay off was coming I'd been through several over the last few years and have seen a lot of intelligent and talented people get the axe before me but when it happened I was still numb.

I've been looking every day on the job boards since May and the pickings are scarce to no-existent. A lot of IT jobs are going offshore and the jobs that are posted want a ton of diverse skills which I find hard to believe that anyone would have. I live in Chicago and I've had a total of three calls since May about my resume and only one was for a local job. I have yet to get even a phone interview and I can't believe I can't find a computer job in Chicago with my background and experience.

I've been a HUGE foot fan since the beginning, a Sammy and RHCP fan for ages and a Joe fan since Surfing and when I first heard about the foot I was so stoked. What you four have done is amazing!!! You've put the rock back in rock and roll!! You're only getting better with age, the second album is better than the first!!! The wife and I saw you in Chicago on your last tour and had an absolute blast!!! The song three and a half letters is brilliant and I really do appreciate you guys putting this web site together. If it helps even one person get a job and get back to zero its worth it.

I've been married for 7 years to the love of my life and have owned my house for 13 years. I've never missed a mortgage payment but I'm afraid if I don't find a job before my severance pay runs out we'll lose the house.

I'm willing to work but I NEED A JOB!!!

Steve D.