St. Louis Missouri Creative, Enthusiastic individual seeks employment

I accepted a new position within an organization that I worked for 24.5 years, and lost my job as a result, and have since had difficulty securing employment. I am four classes away from my BA in Business Management with a Minor in Human Resources.

During the course of my career, I organized logistics for a multi-level chain of domestic and global staff members, which included securing travel reservations, managing large scale conference and events, ordering and shipping supplies, and a myriad of other responsibilities, including evaluation of applications received, facilitated background checks, and participated in dialogue regarding the selection of qualified candidates for positions,. My experience cut across different fields, but specialized in producing brochures, booklets, logos, and other forms of media.

It has been a difficult two years, toiling diligently to complete education and find a job. Co-workers, friends, and family continually say that they fail to comprehend the lack of response because the experienced, educated, person they recognize with a strong work ethic who is passionately thorough and dedicated to tasks and responsibilities still remains unemployed.

My short-term goal is attaining the degree mentioned above, and I attend class one or two nights per week. (By January 1, I will have two classes to complete). The long term goal is to secure a position in a business with solid performance, and be a valuable part of a team.

Any leads are appreciated,


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