Retail music industry has been hit hard, 27 plus years, and now no job, no health ins., no luck!

After nearly 30 years working at record stores, 27 years alone at St.Louis premier independant record store , Streetside Records, I was layed off when the last of the chains stores shuttered its doors in January of 2010. All those years I knew I had a dream job, being able to do something I loved, and getting paid to do it! (it is true what they say, "If you enjoy your job, you look forward to going to work everyday", and you don't really look at it as a
job its more like a labor of love. And I loved it. Now I'm just trying to find a job, any job wher I can work full-time, and qualify for health insurance. If something doesn't happen soon, I may lose my house if I can't make the mortgage. I NEED A JOB!