After reading the submitted letters, and listening to the song many times, my hope is that this suggestion helps others. I think many people don't realize that your local public library offers many resources, for FREE, that will help those searching for work. Some of the programs that many library offer are use of public computers and one on one computer classes. Some offer workshops about how to prepare and write an effective resume as well as interviewing skills. Also, most library's websites offer invaluable information, such as "Universal Classes" where you can learn everything from how to plant a garden to Calculus. Some of these classes earn college credits, all for FREE. Also you can learn a foreign language, plus use of many other electronic resources, again at no charge as long as you have a library card, which is, of course, FREE. And remember, the library has many books regarding job search, self help, brushing up on skills and learning new skills, etc. If you have children, the library offers programs for young children through young adults/teens that, anywhere else, you would have to pay for, but at the library there is no charge. There are programs for adults such as how to make jewelry, knitting, book clubs, music programs -- these are programs that are fun and can get you out and talking to others, networking is helpful and you just may speak to someone who knows of job openings. Most libraries offer DVD's that you can rent for a few nights (current titles) as well as music downloads via their website, again at no charge. Visit your local library this week and see what's available; I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised and these resources may help with your job search.

Visit your local library and their website for more information.