I'm no Quitter

I am not going to write about needing a job. 3 years ago I lost my business, had to claim personal bankruptcy. At that point a man has two options. Role over and die, or get up dust yourself off and keep moving forward. My philosophy is its not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. So now I work four jobs to get back to zero, and its working! I run group homes for disabled adults, strength train people, coach softball at a community college and I have an internet tv show coming out on November 1. The point is with family, and friends helping, you can accomplish anything in this great country. Also, when things were tough and I felt down, I can always put on something that you created musically and cheer myself up, Thanks, and keep rocking!
Rick Antinori

631-366-2900 Developmental Disabilities Institute. Human Resources contact Angele Negri. Work with Autistic Adults in day and home settings. Plenty of jobs!