Going Going Gone ???

Hey ChickenFoot, Love your stuff. I, like so many others, had to close my business of 8-years in 2009 for lack of revenue and referrals. Our wonderful (ficicious) government took away the funding for people trying to get off of drugs and alcohol which is what I do for a living, help people ! My name is Rick Flores and I am 57-years old. I was just notified 1-month ago that I will be losing my security clearance at work as of March 31, 2012 due to reasoning that no one can tell me. I am a great employee and both of my bosses are fighting to keep me on. I can see the world twisting and turning and if it wasn't for my faith in a Higher Power, I think I would Lose Control. There will be another uprising in this country before it's all said and done. It's just way to crazy to see our government playing us for punks day in and day out. Giving themselves raises and taking away from social security and other programs designed to help people. They go on TV every night and say "we are creating jobs" while me and thousands of other government contract employees are being let go. Hard working devoted people that just want to work and have enough to get by. Forget the living "high on the hog" anymore. Now it's just about getting by.

I don't know what I'm going to do but I have faith that something will open up for me or I will also be one of them out on the street. It won't be long and people will be coming up to you on the street literally "taking your shit". God Bless and continue Rock'n. I love you guys and Love your music. Talk about staying up with the times, you guys are awesome. Keep On Keep'n On !!!

I wished I knew ?!?