Out of Work for 3 years.

Was laid off in June 2008 by GTE/VERIZON after working for 30 years. They gave me my severance pay and pension. Being under 59 1/2 years old I had to roll it so the IRS wouldn't take a hefty piece of the pie. I went through a financial advisor but he burned me through the stock market and I lost half my pension. I enrolled in a sound engineering school but was burned by the Studio Engineer who didn't like me but loved the tuition money I forked out. I have customer service skills I started out as a phone operator then became a customer service rep, transferred into the paging department and finished off in the frame relay department as a troubleshooter and 1st level Supervisor. I know about Frame Relay (packet switching)/ATM/TLS (Fiber optic cable). I have Cisco router and switching knowledge. I volunteered for the New Music Seminar back in Feb 2011 as a roadie but no prospects. Being 57 years old nobody wants to hire me because I'm to old. (yeah right!!! ). I live in California, 2nd highest unemployment state next to Lost (Wages) Vegas. Thank you for reading.