A Former Marine Trying to Make It

Things change in life from one day to the next. It has been a huge struggle. I ended up losing my job due to medical reasons. Unfortunately,that was the beginning of my struggles. Since the loss of my position, I've become creative in my attempts to stay afloat. I've lost a lot my property, retirement and my middle class status; many may not even believe my struggles based on the fact that I've kept them all private until now. Only my close friends and family are aware of my situation. Regardless of education and all that I've accomplished. I struggle to move the ball forward. One bill leads to another, paying child support payments has become virtually impossible when you can't even pay for simple items I need just to live. All of us are suffering and going without, it pains me as a single father that I can't do more for my kids and that I'm looked upon as a deadbeat when I'm not. The economy is not helping things. I get up everyday to work, but nothing comes in. I'm self employed and tried to find supplemental work - Its not out there! I do what is required of me, but things have just slowed down.

I created my own company to try to stem the tide. That has its own obstacles, I've struggled with speed bumps along the way and made mistakes from time to time. But, I'm secure in my talents and my God - As a former Marine, I "Adapt and Overcome" - I don't give up, I really do continue the fight everyday trying to find a way around the issues. I'm facing a mountain of bills based on the lack and loss of steady income. Life is so complicated and the process our country has implemented with our tax codes and child support structure does not help indivuals really trying to get out of debt to catch up. It just takes away your tools as in my case, they took my license. I'm trying to create some type of an enviroment of functionality to enable me to pay my bills - but it hard to ask a man to pay when they take the tools you need to assist you in making the payment. Networking has become the best way and the most important way to survive. I own Direct Response Claims, Inc., I have 20 years of insurance handling and investigative skills. I have a good education and great miliatry training. I'm a fighter and I really seek to stand up and prove that fighters can make it. I'm down and out right now, but I'm gearing up to find people that are passionate about working again and feel they can attach themselves to a great cause. I have Direct Response Claims, Inc and now I'm working on the Temple of Rock radio show; I plan to make both of these ventures into money making ventures which will turn the tide not only for my issues, but for others.

I'm willing to make it a go! Or if I need to attach myself to help another business and provide my skills, then I will! At the moment, I've been unable to find work, so I needed to create my own job! I have insurance ability along with professional On Aire Radio Personality skills.

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