Alert: Atlanta Being Filmed!

Aug 28 2009

That's right-- the Atlanta gig on Sunday is being recorded and we want to let everyone who is coming out know that they may be featured in a future DVD release. So if you're there, let us know you're in the house!

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I was there at the Atlanta show and it was awesome. Will be going to the Dallas (Grand Prairie) show as well. Will be doing my best to get to the Cabo Wabo this year also. Love these guys. Awesome. Thank you so much. Peace, Love, and Chickenfoot.

Wish I could have been at the Atlanta show! I just finished up an awesome little Foot mini-tour of 4 shows over 9 nights. I got to see them rock out in Baltimore, Hampton Beach, Boston, and Portsmouth. They all were crazy and hard rockin' and each show had it's own sense of uniqueness.

Baltimore was probably the most personable show, with stories about the New York show from the previous night when Sammy was shootin' tequila with Joe's mom. They talked about riding the train down from New York, doing a little "choo-choo train" instrumental introduction to Soap on a Rope. The light show was unbelievable, and they even played a little song that they wrote backstage before the show, about a dude that passed out in the front row the night before. As much as I would love the Foot to write a song about me, that isn't how I would go about it!

Hampton Beach was definitely the hottest venue. This was the funnest environment of the 4 shows, and was by far the loudest. My ears were still ringing the next night in Boston! I was up pretty close and just missed catching Chad's tamborine. This venue was really cool, maybe it was because the crowd was all drinking on the beach all day! Mikey was all over the stage, like a madman!

Boston was probably the least active crowd, which made it that much better when Chad came on and ripped the Celtics! This show was fun, and Sammy told a funny little story about Bruce Springsteen "stealing" his hotel room. The boys added to the awesome experience of my first time in Boston.

Portsmouth might have been the best overall show. The Foot rocked so hard, and it was fun getting to see Joe's crazy work up close on the jumbo screens. He is the most dynamic and versatile guitarist I have ever seen or heard. They did a lot of cool introductions to their songs. Sammy explained how he met Kari nearby before "Learning to Fall". The light show was tremendous and gave the Lyric Opera House a run for it's money. Chad was funny again, asking "What is Portsmouth? Isn't a port and a mouth the same thing?" At the end he kicked over his bass drum, and Sam and Mike were playing on its side. An awesome Grand Finale for my 4 date mini-tour!

The highlight of my little mini-tour was just seeing these 4 icons on stage, rocking, and having soooooooooo much fun together. Everybody talks about the chemistry of the band. Well, if somehow you can't hear it from the CD, you can definitely see it on stage! Hard to pick one song over another as I love them all, but I would have to say that "Bitten by the Wolf" and "Future in the Past" are the best songs to see and hear live. My only disappointment is that you guys didn't include one of your best songs in the set list for any of the shows. I'm sure you guys have your reason, but man, "Runnin' Out" is one of the best songs on the entire CD!

This band is my favorite band of all time, and this vacation was one of the funnest trips of my life! Thanks to Chad, Joe, Sammy, and Mike for all that you do! I hope you guys keep writing and recording music whenever you can. You guys are a true rarity among music groups today, and what you are doing is AMAZING! Keep the music and entertainment coming!

With this trip and the Chicago Road Test Show, I have seen the foot 5 times now. I'm sure plenty of people have that beat, but let me know if you have. I would love to hear who has seen the Foot the most and some stories behind your shows!

Keep it up, and I hope you guys play a show in CABO! I will be down there for all 5 shows, and would love it if Chickenfoot sneaks in for a show!

Oh! Yeah! and Davey Knowles was an outstanding choice for an opening act! Great band with lots of talent!


I am looking for tickets to the Tahoe concert!

We ALL know that the Myrtle Beach show was the REAL show. As close to being at the CaboWabo as possible! Thanks for signing my LOVE poster guys!! Wish that poster was on the DVD! - Cabo Mike C.

hopefully the dvd will contain more than 12 tracks,I was in the show in paris and two hours later I was at home,too short guys .....

Was at the Atlanta show and it was awesome!

Man I go back to Montrose and I have seen VH with Sammy three times Sammy with Dave twice and Just Sammy once and now my son will be attending his first concert and we are soooooo jacked! Look for the 300lb pwerlifter with a stretched to the max big red chickenfoot fan club shirt woooooooooo

Bama will be represented well!As my buds and I will be there to ROCK our Asses off!
Hope they serve CABO WABO|!!!

I will be there, the Tabernacle kicks ass! I know these musicians will put on a spectacular show.

I would be there if I could! I have seen 3 concerts-ALL awesome!!
See you in Tahoe next Saturday night.
I Love you guys!!
Christa from Buffalo xo

I was at the Hampton Beach show. They ROCKED!!!
This would be an awesome DVD!!!

Me and my husband will be there.

Thanks guys for doing this !!!!

I'll be there. Should be a fun night!

The flag of THE FOOT will definitely be flying high.THE FOOT will stomp Atlanta on Sunday.Can't wait.I can't believe that I have a chance to have a lasting memory with some of the best rock n roll figures of all time.

Lucky People!! I want to be there :-)

I hope you put it on blu-ray too! It would be awesome to have a copy of the show to watch all the time