Another New Show Announced for September 10!

Jun 24 2010

We're happy to announce that Joe, Mike, Chad and Sammy have all managed to sneak another day into their busy schedules and now have added a second final show for 2010! It's happening Sep 10th at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA and you can be sure the Foot is going to come down hard with now two dates in a row to have some fun and bring you some amazing shows! For this new show we've managed to slip in a special upgrade soundcheck package for those interested. This time it is something you buy *separate* from your regular ticket that bumps up your access to get in at sound check and also includes some cool swag so check it out (full details on the tour page). Hope to see you there!

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won't make it to this show because i'll be in tahoe waitin for the foot to come down.
and while i wait i went to see Sammy open for aerosmith last friday. SAMMY KICKED ASS
the opening band was better than the headliner, no, for reals. PLUS Joe came out and did sexy little thing and that kicked ass! I'm serious about the opening act being better than the headliner. People were leaving WAY before the end of the concert, lots of people. just sayin......
Sammy is the mayor of rock and roll!

I missed the pre-sale so the closest I can get now is the 10th row. I'm Bummed because the last three shows that I have been to were all front row :)

Well be glad you have got tickets at all.... Think of us poor buggers here in Australia ... Waiting andhoping that (what I believe to be) the best band in the world right now comes down under. So just be glad you have seen them at all. And guys yes you Sammy and micheal talk to Chad and Joe, they can remind you how great OZ is!! So let's say March 2011 hey! Perfect time to come. Perfect weather. Perfect beaches. I'll even buy the beers!! Come on Foot, see you down under soon. !!!!!