Cabo Wabo Show on the Radio

May 7 2010

For those of you who missed, can't remember, or want to relive the live Webcast from Cabo the other week, some radio stations across the country will be airing a radio version of the show this weekend. Check your local Rock Radio station to see if they're hip enough to be carrying it. The following stations are also planning on streaming it on their web site so you can look them up and check them out.

WMMR (Philadelphia, PA)
WZZO (Allentown, PA)
WAAF (Boston, MA)
KDKB (Phoenix, AZ)
WHJY (Providence, RI)
KLPX (Tucson, AZ)

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Dont forget about us Chicken-Fans up here in Ohio! WONE "Akron's ONE for Rock" played the whole concert as well!

Oh Yeah!, WMMR is my local Rock Radio Station.

For those who missed it, WAAF in Boston has it up on their website. WAAF ROCKS!!

Thank You guys! In lieu of you ever coming to the Amphitheater of Clark County Washington. Thanks for a great show. Saw you in Seattle and would love to see you closer to my home. Listened to the show live online from the Cabo Wabo, everything I expected it to be,, awesome!! Soo,, fire up those walkers and wheel chairs you old farts and schedule some time for the fans in Washington! We Love you!

It was pretty cool but i only caught half of it. i wonder if the foot could release it as streaming on the web (like 12 days of da foot) or as a cd? pretty please? something to hold us over until the next chickenfoot record.

thank you

yes its confirmed..NY Radio really Blows!