Apr 12 2011

"Get Your Buzz On Live" to air on Palladia HD TV in April/May!

We've just learned that the high-def music TV channel, Palladia will be showing "Chickenfoot: Get Your Buzz On!" at the end of April/beginning of May. Currently scheduled dates are:

Sat Apr 30 @ 9pm
Sun May 1 @ 12:00am
Sun May 1 @ 1pm
Tue May 3 @ 8pm
Wed May 4 @ 10am

The up-to-date schedule can be found at http://www.palladia.tv/series_sched.php?seriesID=34741 and more info about Palladia can be found at www.palladia.tv

Apr 11 2011

Joe & Sammy perform National Anthem @ SF Giants Game

Joe and Sammy were invited to come and perform the National Anthem for this past weekend's SF Giants game (they won!). You can check out a fan recorded video here

Mar 16 2011

Sammy's new book - "RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock" out now!

Sammy's new autobiography just came out and response has been amazing (already up to #5 on the Amazon Hot Releases). Sammy is taking a week off from the studio to do some book signing events and media appearances. You can find out all about those, and the book (including some exclusive video interviews and contests) over at http://www.redrocker.com/red

Joe also shared this reaction to the book in a recent MusicRadar review:

Mar 15 2011

Progress Update on the New Album

We're happy to report that things are moving swiftly over at the Foot Locker as the guys continue working on the new album! Here's a few recent press pieces that have Sammy and Joe talking about the latest.

Jan 31 2011

Back In The Studio!

Yes, as you may have heard, Chad, Joe, Mikey and Sammy are back in the studio this week working through material for the second Chickenfoot album. It's only been a few days, but things are going great and you can count on more updates in the future!

In case you hadn't caught it elsewhere, here's a few links of the guys commenting on the new album:

Nov 29 2010

A special holiday treat - "Foxy Lady" live!

This was a great year and we were just feeling thankful for all of you fans and thought we'd share this as a holiday gift. It's an outtake from the Live In Cabo webcast and is a really smoking version of this tune! Have a great holiday season and we'll see you from the studio in the 2011!

Check out the video here!

Aug 5 2010

Chickenfoot on A.M.P.F.

The guys took a break from recent recording sessions to talk a little about an obscure, yet effective, technique they are working with. Come learn a little about the A.M.P.F. technology and if you are up for it, share your own videos on how you can apply the A.M.P.F. system in your life!

Check out the video here

Jun 24 2010

Another New Show Announced for September 10!

We're happy to announce that Joe, Mike, Chad and Sammy have all managed to sneak another day into their busy schedules and now have added a second final show for 2010! It's happening Sep 10th at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA and you can be sure the Foot is going to come down hard with now two dates in a row to have some fun and bring you some amazing shows! For this new show we've managed to slip in a special upgrade soundcheck package for those interested.

May 25 2010


Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy are focusing their time together for the rest of the year on material for a new album, but we are happy to announce they are getting together for what might be their last live show of 2010 Sep 11 @ HARVEY'S LAKE TAHOE! We have two exclusive premium ticket packages that will be available for this show.

Click here to visit the tour page for details.

May 21 2010

Cabo Webcast video archives are here!

We're happy to announce that the Cabo Webcast video archives are here! Four songs from the show are now available for your streaming enjoyment (standard or high def). If you want to go full screen follow the link in the bottom right since Facebook blocks that.

The four songs are: Soap On A Rope, Sexy Little Thing, My Kinda Girl, and Oh Yeah!