Dec 13 2011

The holiday season is upon us, and so are year-end awards! We're excited to share the new that Chickenfoot has earned a GRAMMY nomination for the “Best Recording Package,” for the creative 3D design of the new album. For those of you who downloaded the album digitally, you may not be aware of all of the cool aspects of the packaging. Here's a quick overview of what you may be missing out on!

Designed by art director Todd Gallopo, Chickenfoot III, features an elaborately designed 3D package with optical illusions and special codes giving fans a fully immersed creative Chickenfoot experience, creating a spectacle with spectacles. With special “3D optical enhancers,” otherwise known as old-skool 3D glasses that come with each package, the cover and inside photos feature artwork that trick the eye by looking through the two different red and blue lenses of the glasses. Having used a special state-of-the-art 3D camera rig to create the designs, Chickenfoot gives fans a truly multi-dimensional experience throughout the packaging that also offers a 3D photo of each band member with stats and Q&As, QR codes for behind the scenes 3D video content from the photo shoot on smartphones and much more. A look through the red lens even reveals a very special message on the CD itself.

You can also see Todd talk about it more in this cool packaging walkthrough video.

It's been a couple of months since the new album came out and thanks to all the support from all the Foot Solders who picked up the album and came out to our sold out 2011 US Road Test Tour! The first single, “Big Foot,” debuted at #1 on the Mediabase Classic Rock Chart holding the position for 11 weeks!

The guys are also nominated for a few awards that you Foot Soldiers can vote on and help spread the word to help them pull in. Check 'em out below and share them with friends and family!

Album of the Year:

Song of the Year:

Sammy's also up for book of the year:

We'd love to see the Foot Soldiers mobilize on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, other web sites, etc to help get the word out to vote!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

To view a list of all the nominees go to

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Congratulations Chickenfoot on the awards for best album and song.....but i knew that months ago...Well deserved!
Rock On Chickenfoot!

They let you vote only once (bummer, I know 'cause I tried to vote twice), so it's important to get everybody involved!!
Go ahead and mention it to all your friends.
:) They'll be better for it.

Im a "Foot Soldier Mobilized!"...go get em (votes) Boys!