Chickenfoot iPhone App Now Available!

Aug 7 2009

We're pleased to announce the first official Chickenfoot iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App Store.

Download it for FREE here ->

Chickenfoot's first official iPhone app gives you mobile access to breaking news, current tour dates, audio & video, plus more.


- Simulate the interactive heat-sensitive album cover
- Access to latest breaking Chickenfoot news
- View upcoming tour dates and purchase tickets
- Listen to music (clip & full length) from the debut Chickenfoot album
- Watch exclusive videos

Wi-fi connectivity is recommended for best performance, especially video playback.

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I love chickenfoot !
Just wondering when a blackberry application
Will come out. Unfortunatly I'm unable to watch
Flash videos on my phone.

An update (v1.1) has been submitted to Apple's App Store and once they process it, the new update will be available for all. it includes a few minor tweaks and fixes but most importantly opens it up to ipod touch users, due to popular request!

Hello Chickenfoot admin, The website is looking great; lots of hilarious videos and great reviews! One problem though, having tried to order a copy of the new release in lp album form. Is there a secret to using the 25$ VIP coupon that I am unaware of? Cheers and peace from Canada

hi rio- thanks for the kind words, just wait until you see the updates we've got planned shortly! as far as redeeming your VIP coupon, if it's something you received as part of a ticketing package, my suggestion is to first contact and if they can't assist, then you can try (only if it was part of a ticketing package). good luck!

Hi there!
great about that app for iphone, but will be this application for OS Android too? (google os)
many people will appreciate it, i promise 8)

anyway keep up the great work

I agree with that

For all of those who have been asking, we're working on an update in the near future that will work reliably on the iPod touch. You can trust we'll let you know when it comes out!

Very sad that iTunes says it's not compatable with my iPod Touch 2g with iPhone OS 3.0

I think it's awesome that we've a own app, but please make it run on iPod Touches, so that I and many other fans can use it, too. Please.^^

thanks for thinking of the fans!! you rocked Toronto please visit us again soon... :)I have yet to purchase an Itouch phone when Bell's new network is ready in the fall and I need Chickenfoot to run to.

Just go to "App Store" on your iPhone, then tap "Search" and type in "Chickenfoot". BAM..there it is! Install and enjoy!!

Hi, thanks for adding it. Unfortunately in apps says umable to find it, has this happened to somebody else too?

Only works with Iphone? What about Ipod Touch users? Most apps work with both.

not really sure, I have it for my iPhone but I haven't tried getting it on my ipod touch